It appears evident that the place we live in has an essential impact in our emotional state and general level of happiness. In reality, natural surroundings provide two key emotional advantages, according to scientists. For starters, being connected to nature may reduce stress and boost happiness. There is a link between exposure to natural stimuli, stress and anger reduction, and improvements in self-reported psychological well-being and mental health, according to research. Other scientific research have indicated that happy emotions can reduce the risk of acquiring heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, as well as aid in the treatment of chronic and inflammatory diseases. Positive emotions, according to other research findings, can assist enhance resistance to sickness and enhance the immune system.

In fact, merely reflecting on your relationship with nature and what simple measures you may take to increase its quality may provide advantages. To the greatest degree possible, foster the natural tendency people have for nature in all of its expressions, and allow nature’s healing impact to improve the quality and happiness of your life.


Use nature’s gift to start living a happier, healthier life today.
Amy Leigh Mercree

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