Farmland versus Urban Real Estate: What is the best choice?

Managed farmlands are getting more popular each day as an investment option, but how are managed farmlands better investments than urban real estate investments? So what are the similarities?
Both urban real estate and managed farmlands are irremovable real estate assets. They can be leasehold or freehold.

Urban Real Estate: Humans can always create concrete buildings, prefab housing structures, and high-rise towers. Technology has even come to where we can build tall buildings within a few months using innovations like Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Off-site fabrication, modular construction, Self-repairing concrete, and many more in the construction field.
Farmlands: We can never create good soil with water and growing a tree will always take many years and depends on the climate and water availability.

Urban Real Estate: From urban real estate, you can get a steady rental income which varies from 3 to 8% annually. This income will increase by a maximum of 10% during the rental contracts.
Farmlands: One can earn from managing farmland up to 25% return only after five years of investment according to the value of the fruit commodity from the trees. Also, annual income increases by much more than 10%, even sometimes double.

Source of income.
Urban Real Estate: You can only make income from rental revenue. Apart from that, there is no other source of income.
Farmlands: Managed farmlands can achieve income from many sources, such as selling organic produce, free-range eggs, production, livestock, lavender honey farming, renting out for campsites, corporate and family outdoor events and parties, and many more. With this model, you can multiply your income and increase the productivity of the farmland, and have multiple sources of income.

Global Crisis
Urban Real Estate: Urban real estate is always fragile during a local or global crisis.
Farmlands: Farmlands don’t lose value as they produce different commodities. People always eat during a crisis, no matter what happens.

Urban Real Estate: Annual appreciation of traditional real estate is usually unstable and can be negative during slow markets.
Farmlands: Farmlands have a stable annual appreciation with increasing multiple harvest income.

Eco Friendly
Urban Real Estate: Urban real-estate assets are not good for nature and emit gas.
Farmlands: Farmlands make the mother earth earn more soil, water, and forest. They provide a sustainable solution for all living.

Urban Real Estate: Urban areas were more affected by the pandemic. With over 95 percent of cases recorded in the initial days, many countries failed to take control of pandemics in cities.
Farmlands: Farms were safe havens for many, as there was no contact with outsiders.

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